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This is dedicated to my very special boy
Retniw's O' Danny Boy
Who is sadly missed

Retniw's O' Danny Boy

All That You Were

You were the smile on my face, as a little puppy that bounded towards me

with the kisses that lasted a lifetime.


You were the dedicated young dog who adjusted to any situation no matter

whose house you were in.


You were the mature dog who tried to please no matter what I asked.


You were the one who bounced back from all the hard times and said,

"it's ok, I'll be fine."


You were the one who was always there at the sound of my car pulling

into the driveway.


You were the one who gave me wonderful babies who will carry on your



You were my sweet boy who tugged on my heart strings like no other, and

those memories will last a lifetime.


Best of all, you were you, and there will never be another like you.  So

please know my special boy, that my love for you is never ending.


The time has come for us to say goodbye, although it won't be the same

without you.  I will always remember what you have been.



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